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Portfolio of Various Projects

When I first began building websites I knew nothing about how they worked. As I continued in the industry, opportunities I received gave me the chance to learn on each project. Because each project is unique and I was working in a number of environments, I had to adapt not only to the environment, but also to the technology that was being used for the project. Because of this, I have a portfolio of work that includes various aspects of "web stuff" like images and programming and SEO.

Programming (Web Development) Projects

As I continued working and learning, I began to be drawn to programming and working with the information that is used in the sites I built. Needless to say, this allowed me to become more involved with the programming of the sites and designing databases to drive them. Again, because of the variety of projects I worked on, I got to learn all different kinds of programming and still continue to learn today. Some of the projects in my website portfolio were not programmed be me. They were built on opensource software like Wordpress, E-107, Drupal, or some other pre-built solution. However, other websites were programmed by me Each project will have a description of the degree of programming I was responsible for in the project.

Graphics Design Portfolio

This area of experience includes the part of the website that is not text and contains images like photos, pictures, and other graphical elements. Basically, the images that contribute to the way the website feels and looks. This is sometimes referred to as the look and feel of the site. Early in my career, I was primarily doing the graphic design work on a team of two producing graphic design for websites. This allowed me to learn a bit about how to create effects that could not be easily created with the existing programming at the time. I also learned to use graphic design principles to make interesting, balanced layouts using popular design tools common to the industry. Some of the projects in my web design portfolio demonstrate what design skills I have. On some of those projects, I did not do all the design work. However, in my graphic design portfolio, there are projects on which I did do all the design work.

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