Why Affordable Web Design is Better Than Cheap Web Design

Affordable Web Design is Not Cheap Web Design

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To many small business operators, the two phrases affordable web design and cheap web design may be viewed as the same thing. However, there is a difference between the two. The difference has to do with value and not price alone.

Web Design Fusion works to provide you with a valuable website. It won't be the cheapest website you can buy and it may not win "design awards" (although it will look very good), but it will be built based on value. In other words, you'll get a good website for a reasonable price.

A Familiar Concept

The thought of affordable and cheap being different things is not a concept that only applies to web design. The idea of cheap products or services competing with affordable quality products or services can be seen in nearly any industry. Take for example gutters for your home. You could find many companies offering "cheap gutters" or "cheap guttering" but that is different from getting good quality gutters at a nice price.

Value is Key

The key difference between affordable web design and cheap web design is value. To illustrate, imagine you are at the grocery store and you are choosing which milk to buy. While considering your choices, you notice you have four options:

  1. Half gallon that expires tomorrow priced at $1.99
  2. Full gallon that expired four days ago priced at $.99
  3. Half gallon that expires in one week priced at $2.59
  4. Full gallon that expires in one week priced at $3.89

Which milk you choose will be based on the value not the price. And as you can see, choosing the milk based only on the price does not necessarily mean that you are going to get the best product. Your choice will be influenced by various factors. Do you like milk that tastes fresh? Are you going to drink the milk? How fast will this milk be used? Is it Almond Milk? Are you allergic to dairy products? All of these factors affect the value you perceive.

There is no doubt that price is a factor in determining the value of something. but, it is not the only factor. Quality also plays a role. And that can be a challenge for someone that is trying to choose a web design company because the value of website is not determined only by how it looks and it is not determined only by how much it costs. There are many facets to what makes a good website.

Not Cheap, But Affordable

Are you interested in finding out what your website will cost? If so, let's talk about what you want to accomplish with your site and how it can supplement your other marketing efforts. It will be modern, mobile friendly and will be optimized. You can get a free estimate here.

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